Thesis submission visa

Dissertation Specifications Changing graduation term Students who have applied for graduation who later determine that they will not complete their requirements by the above deadlines for example, students who anticipate failing a required course may change their graduation term by contacting the Degree Audit section of the Office of the Registrar.

Thesis submission visa

Students starting from October onwards will normally receive a CAS of 4 years 7 months in duration. This CAS is to cover a period of up to 4 years for thesis submission and a further period of up to 7 months for the viva and minor corrections to take place.

All students must submit their thesis within 4 years. No further CAS will be issued to students. Important points to note: This report is not to be used for holiday refer to heading 4 for holiday procedures. Sponsored students must check that their sponsor approves of such a period away and must provide written evidence of approval.

Students must note that failure to return to the University by the approved date will result in automatic and immediate termination of visa sponsorship. This report will benefit the student when they leave the UK and when they attempt to re-enter the UK to return to the University as Thesis submission visa explains their movements.

If a student with a Tier 4 General Student Visa will be conducting research away for a significant period of time e.

Policy Regarding Paper-Submission Deadline

When the student wishes to return then the University will provide support for a further visa application of the appropriate type. Approval from the supervisor: Students must discuss and agree any periods of study away from the University with their supervisor in advance of leaving the University.

All periods of study away from the University must be reported to the Home Office. Contact must be maintained between the student and the supervisors when the student is away because the student will continue to hold their University of Reading sponsored Tier 4 General Student Visa.

Thesis submission visa

Approval from the sponsor: If they are sponsored, they are required to get a letter of approval from their sponsor prior to leaving the UK.

Once completed, the form must be returned to the Doctoral Research Office a minimum of 10 working days before the student intends to leave the University.

Reporting to the Home Office: Upon receipt of the form the Doctoral Research Office will report the details to the Home Office with the key piece of information being the dates of the period during which the student will not be in the UK and the location of the research.

Request a statement letter from the Doctoral Research Office: Students must request a statement letter one month before returning to the UK to show when they re-enter the country. It is not necessary for students to have a National Insurance number unless they undertake employment in the UK.

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Holidays to your home country or another country Up to 8 weeks holiday is permitted during each academic year of registration, including 15 Bank Holidays and University Closure Days, excluding weekends. Holiday can be taken either in the UK or in another country.

We accept that some students continue to work on their PhD during bank holidays i. Christmas and Easter and, if this is the case, we will allow them to take the holiday at a different time, but students in this position must work on their PhD during these closure dates.

Students are asked to note the following key points before completing the form: Students must ensure that they have a sufficient balance of holiday remaining for the current academic year before submitting a new holiday request.

Students cannot take more than 8 weeks holiday in any one academic year. Students must not make any bookings before the request for holiday has been approved Students must complete the form at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of the requested holiday.

Students must allow sufficient time for the form to be processed. Students who are approaching the end of their current Tier 4 General visa or who are close to having their degree awarded are strongly advised not to travel outside of the UK before discussing their intentions with the Doctoral Research Office.

Students exceeding the agreed period of holiday per year will have their visa sponsorship immediately terminated. Holiday between thesis submission and viva Students may take a holiday during the period of time between thesis submission and the date of their viva.

Thesis submission visa

They should monitor their e-mail account regularly in case there are any important messages sent to them during this period. Holidays during the period of Minor Amendments Corrections We would not expect students with Minor Amendments to be taking holiday during the period of amendments.

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I am an International Higher Degree Research student with a student visa. How do I apply for a visa extension once my thesis is submitted? When you submit your thesis, Griffith International will inform the Department of Home Affairs and cancel your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

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Thesis Submission. On or before the submission deadline, students must submit: Two soft-bound copies of their thesis (please refer to the ‘Guidelines for the Submission and Format of Theses’) One completed ‘Research Degree Entry Form’ One electronic copy, preferably a PDF file, on either a USB stick or via the University's file drop-off service.

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