The walt disney company business essay

Walt Disney has been in existence in the industry for long and admittedly the company prides itself with numerous achievements that it has achieved in the media industry. The company has used its popularity and mainstream success in the media industry to refine the outlook of its brand. Over the years, Disney Company has focused on building its brand capacity in order to achieve brand benefits in the market.

The walt disney company business essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Organizational Behavior: Walt Disney and his brother Roy, run their company without implementing hierarchical positions.

This only proves that the referent type of power structure is an efficient way of producing quality performance outputs and a stable workforce, willing to work for the company at all costs.

The referent type of power structure promotes respect and appreciation for the workforce, which in turn, becomes a great motivational strategy to enhance employee loyalty and dedication to the job.

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As Disney has said, their employees do not need to be recognized through their titles or their job descriptions, but they will know if they are important and highly needed by the company. Employing the referent-expert type of power structure offers a lot of advantages for both the employees and the company.

Although employees should always remember who the authority figures are, and at the same time, although employing a referent-expert power structure, company leaders should be able to exude the quality of being a person in authority. Even in this type of power structure, there should always be a boundary between being professional and not.

Moreover, aside from being relieved of work-related stress and pressure, employees perceive company leaders to be approachable and open to suggestions and opinions that they might have regarding the company.

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Communication in the workplace is best facilitated by this type of power structure because nothing hinders it, such as fear of authority, lack of self-esteem, etc. Open communication also makes it easier for the company to communicate company goals and objectives to their employees, thus saving time and effort.

The downside of implementing the referent-expert type of power structure is that the boundaries of professionalism might be crossed and the line of authority might not be discernible to the employees. There also lies an issue in the performance outputs of employees. If they get comfortable with the leniency within the company environment, they might not exert great efforts to perform well and exhibit quality outputs for the success of the company and its realization of its goals and objectives.

Therefore, employing this type of power structure requires strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring. Moreover, power structures should be flexible, such that the implementation of different types of power structures should be leveled with the type of workforce and company goals and objectives.

A particular power structure does not always work in all companies; however, companies should employ different types of power structures in order to produce desirable results according to company goals and objectives.

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The walt disney company business essay

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