The many uses for the drone technology in the united states

Raphael Pirker, a professional photographer, was fined by the FAA in for "endangering people on the ground" a regulatory infraction after he used a Zephyr fixed-wing drone—a "five-pound Styrofoam model airplane"—to take aerial photos of the University of Virginia 's campus in

The many uses for the drone technology in the united states

The South China Sea Crisis: The Predator drone itself has an Israeli pedigree, as some of the earliest designs came from an Israeli immigrant to the United States. Israel has taken the same capital, technology-intensive route to drone development as the United States, producing UAVs that fill key roles within a broader surveillance-strike complex.

Particularly relevant for a country that obsesses as much about the potential for prisoners of war as Israel, drones have also taken on a strike role, operating in Egypt and the occupied territories.

Perhaps most importantly, Israel has become a huge exporter of drone technology, sending UAVs with support equipment and trainers to a wide array of countries around the globe.


The extent to which Israeli technology has directly influenced drone programs in Russia and China remains an open question. China has so to speak allowed a hundred flowers to bloom with respect to UAV production and development, with both the big state-owned defense enterprises and a host of smaller, private suppliers trying to enter the market.

Using drones gives China access to airspace over contested areas, without conveying the same threat that manned aircraft would offer.

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China will remain a huge player in the drone market moving forward, and seems to be taking the right tack by emphasizing public-private cooperation in technology. This is an approach that the Americans and Israelis have also adopted.The US has used drones in hundreds of attacks in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen - but which countries have UAVs and how many?

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A report forecasting the future of the drone industry says that spending on the development of drone technology could 11 Billion Industry by By United States already uses a. Current technology has progressed to a point that small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), essentially hobby sized remote controlled airplanes and helicopters, are more accessible now than ever before, both in terms of their relatively low prices and ease of flight control for new RC pilots.

The United States remains, by far, the world’s leader in drone technology. A decade of extensive operational work with drones has given the U.S.

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military tremendous experience with the. Since the World Trade Center attacks of Sep. 11, and the subsequent "War on Terror," the United States has used drones to kill suspected terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries.

Insurgent groups are also moving to acquire this technology; in

The many uses for the drone technology in the united states
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