The dos and donts of a college essay

Top College Application Essay Tips: Here are a few of the top tips for improving your admissions essay — and avoiding the common pitfalls that can hold it back. In my opinion, this is by far the most important aspect of any college application essay, and it applies to every section of your piece — from the anecdote you might draw from to begin your essay, to your description of the courses that have inspired you most, to your plans once you have matriculated to the college of your choice. Specificity allows you to reveal more about who you are as a person and a scholar.

The dos and donts of a college essay

Some people write with strict plans and outline, others organize as they go. Regardless of whether you write from beginning to end in a straight shot or skip around in a hodgepodge until the essay is done, there are a few things that the essay-writer needs to keep in mind.

DO read over the prompt or syllabus carefully. However, some professors only offer a rough idea for what they expect from you.

The dos and donts of a college essay

It is important to look over the expectations carefully, and repeatedly, as you write to ensure that you stay on the correct track. Others will have font, spacing, and layout requirements, but nothing after that.

It is important to make sure you follow those requirements, as they are easy points. Always make sure to quote things accurately. Plagiarism is a big deal in college; with so many universities and colleges using online dropboxes, essays are often run through plagiarism programs.

Forgetting to cite where a quote comes from or paraphrasing without giving credit is an easy way to get into major trouble. There are so many resources available when it comes to writing essays. Many schools have writing labs of some sort where other students or TAs can look over your essay.

They can give advice, check for errors, and possibly help you find a direction. Some professors are willing to look over a rough draft provided you give them enough time. There are also online resources my go-to was always Purdue OWL where you can look up formatting guidelines for citations and bibliographies.

Much like finding that perfect study spaceit is vitally important to find a space conducive to writing. It might be the same spot in the library where you study for those big exams.

It might be a new coffee shop that a friend mentioned. You should limit distractions as much as possible. If that means turning your internet and phone off, do it. Sure, you have an entire semester to write that twenty-page essay.

The truth is, the semester will slip away faster than you would believe. Make sure you give yourself the time to write a good essay, as well the time to go over it for mistakes.

Professors can tell when students take the time to craft a good paper. Earn the respect—and the grade—for doing so. With these tips in mind, go out and write an awesome essay!Don'ts Don’t lie, plagiarize, recycle a school assignment, or ask someone else to write your essay for you.

(Admission counselors really can tell!) Don’t ignore word counts or page length requirements, and don’t fiddle with font sizes or page margins to do so. Don’t use emoticons, text-message speak, or otherwise highly informal language (conversational is okay).

Don’t use your essay to praise the college you’re . Mayo Clinic Health Letter provides reliable, authoritative and accurate health information. Discover why it is one of the leading health publications. Things to Write About in Your College Paper.

Admission officers are looking for the students with the passion for learning and the passion for discovering new horizons. Why I Love Track Changes. Microsoft Word has a very useful feature called “Track Changes” that keeps track of changes that an editor makes to a document, and allows subsequent readers to see what changes were made.

Writing College Application Essays Even if the school uses the Common Application, they're likely to ask additional materials such as a college essay, letters of recommendation, SAT or . Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin

The dos and donts of a college essay
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