Shortage of electricity in pakistan essay

Wind power harnesses the power of the wind to propel the blades of wind turbines. These turbines cause the rotation of magnets, which creates electricity. Though Pakistan has potentials of wind energy ranging from MW to MW, yet power generation through wind is in initial stages in Pakistan and currently 06 MW has been installed in first phase in Jhampir through a Turkish company and 50 MW will be installed shortly.

Shortage of electricity in pakistan essay

How crazy am I to think I actually know where that Malaysia Airlines plane is? But also maybe right? A million theories bloomed, including my own. Illustration by Ritterized The unsettling oddness was there from the first moment, on March 8, when Malaysia Airlines announced that a plane from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing, Flighthad disappeared over the South China Sea in the middle of the night.

There had been no bad weather, no distress call, no wreckage, no eyewitness accounts of a fireball in the sky—just a plane that said good-bye to one air-traffic controller and, two minutes later, failed to say hello to the next.

And the crash, if it was a crash, got stranger from there.

Shortage of electricity in pakistan essay

My story ran on the 12th. The following morning, I was invited to go on CNN. Soon, I was on-air up to six times a day as part of its nonstop MH coverage. There was no intro course on how to be a cable-news expert. I was spending 18 hours a day doing six minutes of talking.

We were paid by the week, with the length of our contracts dependent on how long the story seemed likely to play out. The first couple were seven-day, the next few were day, and the last one was a month.

The segment in which Don Lemon floated the possibility that MH had been sucked into a black hole. This represents my media apotheosis to date. The expert, such as myself, is on hand to add dimension or clarity.

Truth flowed one way: For instance, the search started over the South China Sea, naturally enough, but soon after, Malaysia opened up a new search area in the Andaman Sea, miles away. Rumors swirled that military radar had seen the plane pull a Of course, nothing turned up in the Andaman Sea, either.

Not that slow crashes are unprecedented.

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InHelios Airways Flight en route from Cyprus to Athens lost cabin pressure and flew for nearly three hours with unconscious pilots before the engines failed and it crashed. My money was on Central Asia.

But CNN quoted unnamed U. Because the northern parts of the traffic corridor include some tightly guarded airspace over India, Pakistan, and even some U. A mysterious metal orb found on a beach in the Maldives became internet-famous and spawned speculation the plane had wound up there.

Other views were circulating, too, however. Keith Ledgerwood, another pilot, proposed that hijackers had taken the plane and avoided detection by ducking into the radar shadow of another airliner. Amateur investigators pored over satellite images, insisting that wisps of cloud or patches of shrubbery were the lost plane.

Courtney Love, posting on her Facebook time line a picture of the shimmering blue sea, wrote: On March 24, the Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, announced that a new kind of mathematical analysis proved that the plane had in fact gone south.

That the whole southern arc lay over the Indian Ocean meant that all the passengers and crew would certainly be dead by now. This was the first time in history that the families of missing passengers had been asked to accept that their loved ones were dead because a secret math equation said so.

In Beijing, outraged next-of-kin marched to the Malaysian Embassy, where they hurled water bottles and faced down paramilitary soldiers in riot gear.

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Making matters worse, the Malaysians informed some of the passengers by text message. Adding to the drama was a ticking clock. These new pings suddenly became the important ones. Search officials were jubilant, as was the CNN greenroom.In the year since the vanishing of MH, I appeared on CNN more than 50 times, watched my spouse’s eyes glaze over at dinner, and fell in with a group of borderline-obsessive amateur aviation.

Pakistan electricity sector is a developing market. For years, the matter of balancing the country's supply against the demand for electricity had remained a largely unresolved matter. The country faced significant challenges in revamping its network responsible for the supply of electricity.

The Electricity Crisis of Pakistan is due to the reason that there is a lack of management and lack of foresight by the government of Pakistan. It is also due to the reason that there is a lack of responsibility and awareness among the citizens of the country.

Nov 20,  · AOA, A couple of days back, I was required to make a presentation on Energy Crisis in Pakistan and its consequences. Though it was in form of powerpoint presentation, yet I initially made an essay of.

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Pakistan needs around 15, to MW electricity per day, however, currently it is able to produce about 11, MW per day hence there is a shortfall of about to MW per day.

This shortage is badly hampering the economic growth of the country. We address the causes of electricity shortage in Pakistan by examining data over the period with time series analysis. The novelty lies in characterizing energy shortage via an index.

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