Procedure for protecting clients patients and colleagues from harm essay

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Procedure for protecting clients patients and colleagues from harm essay

In context to ABC home care, system theory is quite applicable as it focuses on the human behaviour and his compatibility with the complexity of the system. The centre must focus on the system and that include fulfilment of care, timely services, fulfilment of attributes and expectations of the people existing in this system.

The system theory can be considered as a group effort that an individual or the group of individual must apply in order to make lives better and convenient.

In case of ABC, it is quite applicable as people are facing problems due to disruption and ineffectiveness of the services given to the patients. The applicability of this theory helps the individuals to survive in the appropriate manner.

In addition to this, it can be seen that social learning is an essential process that can enhance the knowledge, awareness and literacy of the individuals. It will help in raising their standards of living and enhance their awareness regarding keeping the fit for longer.

They can also take support of external agencies like NGOs and other social organisations in order to make health care centre a biter place to live. He can interact with other individual or a group in order to maintain his quality of life and living standard. Same can be applied to the users associated with ABC care home Pujari, The home care could organise social programmes where patients can interact with each other and share their life experiences.

There must be an interactive session between people of similar ages and their guides. Every individual must get a chance to interact with guides and share their ideas of life and health care activities. The social processes implemented by the health care could help in fast recovery of the patients that are suffering from depression and other psychological diseases then the physical one Pujari, In addition to this, it can also be observed that social processes have great impact on the life style, habits, hygiene and mental state of the individual.

The key reason behind this is that human beings enjoy social company and social activities are necessary for refreshing their minds from regular monotonous behaviour of life.

They interact with each other in order to share his or her knowledge and get the best results, it is considered as the best strategy. In context to ABC home care, inter-professional working can be highly effective and implementable.

In the health care centre, patients belonging to different difficulties are present Inter-professional Teamwork It is advisable for ABC home care to implement Inter-professional working style as it would help the staff members to provide facilities to the patients as per their needs and convenience.

It would also help in providing satisfaction to the users regarding services and regain the lost reputation of the home care.

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Since, this professional group would discuss the actual condition of the patient and then set objectives to bring him back to the best of his health, it will enhance the level of satisfaction of service users and achieve recovery of the patient as soon as possible Leathard, In addition to this, it will discuss the roles, rationale and skills of midwife, nurses and other professional experts in order to provide timely services to the patients in the home care centre.

Considering all the above factors, it would be easier for the ABC Care home to regain its reputation as an efficient home care for vulnerable people. As a manger, it is the duty of a person to strictly monitor the staff members whether they are handling their responsibilities in an effective manner or not.

In order to judge this situation, the feedback of patients as well as attendants is necessary to make immediate improvements.

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Through this strategy, the frequent improvements and changes can be made so that the earlier reputation of the home care can be regained.

Besides this, manager must ensure that they provide equity in the provision of care, accessibility of the facilities provided by the centre, financial help and liberty to the patients depending on their background and ultimately focus on the moral principles and sentiments of the diseases patients in the home care.

There are several responsibilities of a manager for a patient, including health care services. It is the chief responsibility of the supervisory body to ensure whether patients are receiving appropriate medical care or not.

It is the major issue that must be focused as life and well-being of the patient is absolutely dependent on the apt medical aid given by the home Care Centre. The role of a manager not only ends here, but is extended to the diet given to the patients, timely cleaning of rooms, personal hygiene and security of patients to a considerable level.

Furthermore, being the manager of the organisation, I will be the primary line of defence in protecting vulnerable population, and chiefly accountable for directing organisational policy with respect to the safety of individuals Department of Health, At last, by engaging in ethical standards, efficiently handling case loads and progressing to augment professional knowledge, my work is influential in contributing to the quality of care Edwards, Through progressing to receive additional training, employees can enhance their skills and comply with the altering and complex needs of the diverse population in best manner Courtenay, In addition, it is recommended that integrating evidence into practice can assist a superior level of quality in a health and social care organisation Rushton, The amalgamation of these recommendations will guarantee the protection of vulnerable groups, a collaborative working atmosphere and the winning observance to best standards Courtenay, Other key recommendations to develop own contributions to meeting good practice requirements in ABC care home in the future are accreditation and CPD, proper supervision and management in the organisation and delivery of time to time guidance to employees.

Moreover, offering peer support, taking feedback and acting accurately on it, deciding rights and responsibility for decisions and performance will be fruitful for developing own contributions.

Conclusion To conclude, it can be mentioned that ABC Care Home is suffering from a lot of problem related to ineffective and inefficient services that did not allow the organisation to please CQC. In this context, the discussion in the report details out policies and procedures considering the legislations, policies and codes of practice that will help the company.

In addition, recommendations have also been made to comply with good practice requirements.

Procedure for protecting clients patients and colleagues from harm essay

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AGS Ethics Committee, Physician-Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Active Euthanasia. Journal of American Geriatrics Society, May , 43(5) Search for jobs related to Outline procedures protecting clients patients colleagues harm or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace .

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Procedure for protecting clients patients and colleagues from harm essay

Health Care Assignment Help based on Health provides tips of Health. procedure for protecting clients, patients, and colleagues from harm. For. example in your outline you could focus on confidentiality.

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