Press release writing services

Press Releases The Best Way to Advertise The best way to get your business known and have visibility on the Internet is by using a press release. The press release is a written or recorded material that announces a news event, and televisions, newspapers, magazines or even radios will publish it if they find it interesting. We have the right expertise to help you find that great story that will bring publicity to your company. Together we will find and create news stories from what is already happening in your business.

Press release writing services

We have found that any business or professional in any industry can benefit from a well-written press release.

Our high quality press releases are professionally written by our expert team of US writers who have a wealth of knowledge about various industries and years of experience in journalism.

press release writing services

Further, each and every draft press release will be reviewed by our Founder a practicing lawyer in Hong Kong to ensure that it is of the highest quality. This is where the right distribution channel can make a difference.

If content is the king, then distribution is the queen, and we provide both under one roof. Do you offer revision?

press release writing services

Yes, we offer three revisions for your peace of mind. Our revision rate is very low because we strive to get it right the first time. How many words should my press release be?

We recommend words because this length is concise and engaging. What kind of information should I provide to you? When will I receive my press release?

We will deliver a high quality press release to you within days after we receive your order.Unlike other press release distribution services, we haven’t forgotten the power of print, radio, and television. Measured Results A detailed report shows traffic, audience, and engagement, as well as your media release distribution on as many as online pr media submission sites.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the revision/re-write service you must provide a proper press release to start from; we cannot “convert” an article, promo flier, or Web page into a press release. If you don't have an actual press release to start from, you must use the full writing service and not the revision service.

Press release services The Press Dispensary is a UK-based press release agency with local, national and international reach and a personal, friendly service. We offer press release writing, press release distribution, wire services and more, enabling you to reach . Spread the word about your products and services using the best, simplest and most reasonable way to do so: press releases.

Your business has something media worthy, spread the word using our Affordable Press Release Writing Services. A press release may seem pretty simple and you might be wondering why you need to pay someone when you can just write it yourself.

But the world of press release writing is trickier than it seems, and a press release is not the time to cut corners. A press release writing service that provides well-written and striking press release is a potent tool in your arsenal, which can boost the customer confidence, dramatically skyrocket sales, broadcast your brand and business to .

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