Paper of mgt 611

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Paper of mgt 611

Which of the following is not a part of a valid contract of indemnity? The contract of indemnity must contain all the essentials of a valid contract b. It is a contract between more than two parties c. The loss may be caused by the conduct of promisor d.

The contract of indemnity may be implied 5. Ahmed contracts to supply cement to Basit on 10 March. Basit agrees to pay the price on receipt of goods. Ahmed does not supply on due date.

Paper of mgt 611

What maximum possible Basit can do according to Contract Act? Basit can refuse to pay b. Basit can rescind and claim damages c. Basit shall grant new date for delivery d. Basit shall do nothing as contract is automatically void 6.

A delivers his horse to B for safe custody. The horse becomes sick and B spends Rs. Which of the following fits best in this situation? B is responsible for the sickness of horse b. B is not responsible for the sickness of horse c. B can recover medical expense from A d. B can not recover medical expense from A 7.

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X takes a loan of Rs. Which of the following parties are engaged in the contract of a guarantee? Benefits and compensations d. A buys a TV from TV shop and asks the shopkeeper to keep it with him for 2 hours so that A may buy other things from market. Which section of contract act illustrates that anything done for the benefit of principal debtor may be sufficient consideration to surety for giving guarantee.

On the request of B, A promises to employer of B that if B commits a fraud, he shall be liable for that. · MGT - SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. Semester Hours: 3. The research paper must be an original contribution showing a research design and results that meet the highest standards of social science research.

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essay on dream career Ethics Paper MGT/ Professor: The primary purpose of ethics and social responsibility is imperative to the way we do business and live amongst society.

Ethics most commonly know as the rights and wrongs are principles and standards that establish what is know as acceptable conduct within an organization.

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Austin Smith Daniel Marin MGT February 11, Paper 1: Ethical Dilemma While working at my part-time restaurant job earlier this year, I faced an ethical dilemma that required a tough decision.

I had been promised to be promoted from host to server for the last several months, but management always seemed to manufacture an excuse to. MGT Quiz. This is a preview content. A premier membership is required to view full answers. View Answers.

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Research has isolated a set of characteristics that can predict who will succeed as an. entrepreneur.

A small business owner can collect a great deal of information about

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