Life insurance business planning key person

For your building and property Your building and everything in it are some of your biggest assets.

Life insurance business planning key person

Our local ERIE agent will contact you soon. Home Keeping a Home in the Family Jason and Amy are raising a family while paying down their mortgage.

Jason and Amy purchased year term life insurance policies to pay off their mortgage. Their wish is to have the home passed down to their children. Final Expenses Leave Them with Memories, Not Bills David is the primary wage-earner for his family and worries about a time he might not be there anymore.

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David purchased a permanent life insurance policy from Erie Family Life to provide the funds necessary to pay final expenses. He feels better knowing it might help ease their pain during a stressful time. They want to make sure the income they provide today is there for the family should something happen to either of them.

James and Mary are proud of their daughter who is in college. They hate to think about it, but what if something was to happen to her? Could they pay off the student loans they cosigned?

College loan protection coverage can protect James and Mary from the added heartache of paying college debt. The year term life insurance policy they selected can be used to pay off student loans.

Retirement Planning for Retirement Like many of us, Michael is looking for a safe way to ensure his dreams of a comfortable retirement become reality.

life insurance business planning key person

He is planning to save for the future and wants to guarantee an income during his retirement years. Erie Family Life offers several retirement savings options like annuities, Individual Retirement Accounts IRAs and life insurance planning for businesses.

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She would like to establish a plan that would help her family financially and ensure charitable gifts to her favorite organizations. Barbara purchased a permanent life insurance policy from Erie Family Life that will provide for her family and her favorite charities.

It offers guaranteed cash value accumulation and a guaranteed death benefit. They want to be prepared in case something should happen to one of them or to a key employee.

Karen and Susan talked to their ERIE agent about how to use life insurance for smart business planning. Calculate Your Needs How much would you need to leave behind?Life Insurance.

Life Insurance is the safest and the most secure way to protect your family or dependents against financial contingencies that may arise post the unfortunate event of . With Erie Insurance's business coverage you get comprehensive, customizable coverage, competitive rates, outstanding service and more.

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Find details here. Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York Provides Affordable Life Insurance Coverage Since Whole life insurance, or whole of life assurance (in the Commonwealth of Nations), sometimes called "straight life" or "ordinary life," is a life insurance policy which is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured's entire lifetime, provided required premiums are paid, or to the maturity date.

As a life insurance policy it represents a contract between the insured and insurer that as long. Jan 05,  · Life insurance is a risk management tool, not an investment. While some life insurance policies have an investment feature that can offer a degree of tax privilege, insurance .

From key person insurance to overhead expense coverage, we'll help keep you protected. Find out more about business protection solutions.

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