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Worship of her has crossed into many different cultures and is still alive today. According to author R. Today, her followers still perform daily offering rites.

Isis project

According to reports, Russian military personnel launched project ISIS in Project ISIS was created to Isis project highly classified alien documents and technology It is believed that Russian military personnel came across the mummified remains of a Skeptics are not sure what to make from the video, since it is impossible to confirm its authenticity, and if in fact, the mummified remains belong to an alien astronaut.

Testimonies from highly ranking KGB officials seem to corroborate the story stating that the sarcophagus which was recovered by Russian military personnel, did in fact contain the remains of an alien being.

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Skeptics seem to strongly dismiss the suggestion that the body that Russian military personnel recovered belonged to an alien being, according to skeptics, Russian personnel only found a royal tomb of an Egyptian noble or King. But in the documents it has never been revealed exactly what was found inside the sarcophagus.

Only through the sources of the highest ranks of the KGB know that we have found the remains of an alien creature died in Egypt 10, years before Christ. The Turin Papyrus; a connection? It might turn out that the Turin Papyrus has something to do with the discovery of this Ancient Alien Astronaut.

The Turin Papyrus also known as the Canon of Turin is another important ancient text. It is believed that the original list had over names, detailing precisely the years, months and days of each reign of the kings that ruled over the lands of ancient Egypt.

The papyrus is the most extensive list of kings available, compiled by the Egyptians, and is the basis for most chronology before the reign of Ramesses II. The final two lines of the column, which seem to represent a resume of the entire document are extremely interesting and remind us to the Sumerian King list.

The first Egyptian King, of the first dynasty was the God Osiris, who according to ancient Egyptian legends, came down from the skies in a flying ship. This flying ship is believed to be an ancient UFO according to Ancient Astronaut theorists who have a very interesting view on ancient history.

We could not find any scientific explanation.The Clarion Project (formerly Clarion Fund) is a (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating both policy makers and the public about the growing phenomenon of Islamic extremism. The Clarion Project is committed to working towards safeguarding human rights for all peoples.

How to Write a Research Paper on ISIS. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left.

Isis project

Use our sample or . The Brookings Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World The ISIS Twitter Census Defining and describing the population of ISIS supporters on Twitter By J.M.

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After clearing my browser cookies then i . The ISIS Project is provided by CRI, Cranstoun Drug Services and Whittington Health NHS Trust working in partnership.

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This was how ISIS come to become so powerful with so much weapons and cash, all handed to them by America. Obama and Hillary cooked up this plan back in , during the election, when they pretended to compete with each other.

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