Internet2 research paper

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Internet2 research paper

The original Internet, initially intended as and educational and governmental tool, has since reached a global commercial user base. The original Internet has proven a successful means of disseminating and communicating information to more than a billion users, thanks to technological advances.

A new wave however, has occurred in Internet technology. Educators and researchers are currently investigating and implementing new technology, referred to as Internet2.

This new communication outlet was built to help ease the congestion researchers, government agents and educators currently face when attempting to access the Internet. The information superhighway has in fact, become jam packed, as an interstate during rush hour.

Scientists, educators and government officials have invested in a program that will hopefully result in a more technologically advanced superhighway that will allow instantaneous communication at to times the speed of the original Internet.

Researchers have already begun utilizing the new technology to make discoveries and share theories with other scientists globally. The benefits of the new information superhighway far outweigh the costs associated with implementation and development.

It is highly feasible that at some point in the near future, Internet2 will become commercially available, thus repeating the problem of congestion and frustration. This in turn will likely lead to the development of an Internet3 and possibly and Internet4. In the meantime, the Internet2 represents the latest in technological advances, for the purpose of disseminating information more efficiently and quickly than ever imagined before.

The benefits and capabilities of this new system are explored in greater detail below, as well as the relationship of Internet2 to NGi, or Next Generation Internet. The Internet The Internet, developed primarily in the early s, revolutionized the manner in which computer communications occurred.

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The Internet at once introduced the possibility of a "world-wide broadcasting" agent; it was created as a tool for disseminating information, and as a medium for facilitating interaction between individuals and computers "without regard to geographic location" Leiner, et.

The concept of the Internet originated through a series of memos written by J. Licklider of MIT in August of that discussed the potential for social interactions that could occur through computer networking Leiner et.

Licklider referred to the Internet as his "Galactic Network" concept Leiner, et. He convinced others of the importance of the concept. Leonard Kleinrock at MIT later published a paper on packet switching theory, which suggested the potential feasibility of communication via packets instead of circuits, the first real step toward computer networking Leiner, et.

In the first computer, the TX-2 in Massachusetts was connected to the Q in California via a low speed dial up thus forming the wide area computer network Leiner, et. This computer networking concept was further developed.

Later Interface Message Processors or IMP's were developed, and during the late s the first host computer was connected Leiner, et. Eventually networking research led to development of the well functioning web. The Internet itself was based on the idea that there could be "multiple independent networks of rather arbitrary design" Leiner, et.

The Internet now embodies an Internetworking architecture Leiner, et. Over the last several years the Internet has grown.

What was once a small network of small computers connecting primarily researchers has grown into a global network connecting people and organizations all over the world Dimitrov, n. As the Internet has grown and changed, so too has its role in society. With the advent of technological advances, the Internet has become a commercially-based tool, utilized by large organizations and small, by individuals and government entities.

It is used for a variety of purposes, including banking and conduction of other personal affairs Dimitrov, n. There are now large networks of thousands of computers that are available for employees who work remotely; suppliers and business partners have also taken advantage of the ever increasing technology.

Internet2 research paper

There are some limitations with the system at present. Many have referred to the current Internet as very slow.Essay on internet2. November 28, beispiel essay james beattie essay on truth rat race rebellion comparison essay debate on population control essays iit research papers in computer science jean genet the balcony essay european council march conclusions to essays.

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Internet2 research paper

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I have got the middle step, but not the first and third # STEP 1 . Internet2 is an extremely interesting subject. One very important fact to keep in mind throughout learning about Internet2 and its different goals and purposes is that Internet2 is not meant to replace the present day form of the Internet, but rather to improve tomarrow's form of the Internet.

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