How to write a graphic novel

Ohio, USA If you're going to seek traditional publishing for your graphic novel, then you would not do the art work.

How to write a graphic novel


I am currently entrenched in the process of writing my first graphic novel. It is my intention to see it through to being published and distributed but that is the not the aim of these tips. A few months ago, I was given a very good reason to write, an amazing muse and the emotional motivation to stop thinking and start doing.

Back then, I had nothing but vague ideas and now I have three hand drawn books that I like very much. I do not lie. I have been having real, good old fashioned, childlike fun working on this project. Here are the tips which are helping me… 1.

Try not calling it a book. Try calling it a project. Tell your friends what you are doing. Get them to read bits and pieces or as much as they want.

Talk about what your writing. Allow a conversation about the story you are working on and listen to what your friends think and suggest. Hone your storytelling skills by trying out parts of your story or even the basic plot line on your mate. Your physical responses come in handy later on… to clarify, you may feel yourself cringe at an idea said aloud which sounded fine in your head.

Remember, when your inner critic bastard that he is butts in to rebuff any change to your story, offered by your friend, that EVERY bit of feedback is gold. Also, the gentle observation of someones body language is helpful if you want confirmation that they are engaged in the world you are creating for them.

how to write a graphic novel

If they are smiling at the Lady at the next table — You may need to tighten your plot somewhat — or get another story buddy. Try Minimalist thinking and recording. This is the hardest part for me as I do tend to go on a bit… To do this I had to start at the beginning. This meant allowing myself the space to write ten pages on a subject.

As time goes by ten pages becomes eight becomes six becomes four and so on and so on. I minimimalised down to my diary being one word a day.

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Which got boring fast. In that case, flow away… in a deliciously necessary way. Pick Your Point 5.Jun 22,  · Writing a graphic novel review is in many ways similar to writing a book review, except that you must also address the visual elements of the graphic novel.

how to write a graphic novel

The following steps cover the issues you need to address when writing a graphic novel review and provide suggestions on Views: K. A guide to creating graphic novels- presented in the form of a graphic novel- from a veteran in the field!

In You Can Do a Graphic Novel, Barbara Slate guides aspiring graphic novelists through the same process she learned in her early days working for Marvel and DC Comics-a process she has simplified for the classes she plombier-nemours.coms: Writing About Comics and Graphic Novels Visual Rhetoric/Visual Literacy Series Whether in the Sunday paper or a critically acclaimed graphic novel, comics have been a staple of.

It takes dedication to make a graphic novel so you really need to love and believe in what you are trying to say or do. 4) Write your story before you start drawing it.

This may sound like a no-brainer but I have a bad habit of doing this. Making a graphic novel is easier than you think. There are just a few steps you need to follow, and even those aren't set in stone. All you need is a pen and paper, a vivid imagination and drawing software to help you complete your personal creation and possibly .

Graphic novels require the same writing process as any storytelling project. My example below is not a finished product, but it is a great start.

Take a look at my quick guide to the writing process, so you and your students can get crackin'!

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