Effective college writing a process-genre approach definition

Few successful writers follow a stage model of writing by Caryn Gracey Remember your high school composition classes? All those step-by-step papers written by blueprint? Well, times have changed thankfully and so have you.

Effective college writing a process-genre approach definition

As we approach a new century where global communication will be essential for survival, no nation can afford the luxury of international ignorance.

As a teacher of English, my preoccupation with helping students to develop their skills in the target language should be my main concern in my teaching profession.

When I was appointed as an English lecturer to the Shinas College of Technology in Oman during the second semester ofI was assigned a substitution class for a week in the pre-elementary program by the department of English. During that week, I was asked to do a revision of several modules from the course book the students had already studied.

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One afternoon, when I was doing the lesson, one student asked me for my permission to leave the class early because he wanted to get to his house before the rain had started.

He told me if the rain started, the road in which he had to drive would be flooded and driving would be impossible. Given his request, I asked him to write a letter stating the reason why he wanted to leave the class early and submit me.

After a few minutes, he came to me with the excuse letter and left the class after handing it over to me. Since I was busy, I kept the letter in my file and continued my work until the class time was over.

After I went to my flat, I found the note which the student had given to me in the classroom. It seemed like a Japanese Haiku poem in which the message he wanted to communicate to me was written as below. As stated in the introduction, Foundation Level program lasts one semester 12 weeks of classroom instruction and it consists of two tests namely mid-semester and final.

In addition, students have to do the continuous assessment tests on reading, writing and grammar which are generally held Thursday day of every week. When I conducted the tests above for the two groups of Foundation level-3 students I was assigned to teach, I found that most of my students did not perform well in writing.

One or two students wrote nothing except copying the question on to the answer script while a majority scored below five out of ten. It should be noted here that these students who study in level 3 have already finished studying English in level 1 and 2.

In addition, they have studied English as a subject at school for almost ten years. As stated in the context of the research problem, the Foundation English course offered by the Department of English Language is to help students develop their proficiency in the target language.

My students, who are from different majors such as Engineering, Information Technology and Business Studies, after completing their studies at the college, aspire to find a job while a few chooses to pursue their higher studies in the Higher College of Technology where degrees are awarded.

The view I have stated above concerning the importance of having a good proficiency in English for Omani youth is confirmed by Al-Badwawip. For both these situations stated above, they need to achieve writing proficiency in the target language. If not, what students write does not conform to discourse and genre requirements demanded in academic writing.

Furthermore, it can be assumed that if the problem of writing proficiency of my learners is not properly addressed at the Foundation stage, it will continue to their next levels in the college and pose serious communication problems.

Therefore, given the problem described above, the current study revolves around the research problem what can be done to help my students achieve writing proficiency in the target language.

effective college writing a process-genre approach definition

The College is a public institution catering to higher educational needs of all Omani youth. The main aim of Colleges of Technology is to deliver high quality technical education in order to produce graduates with required professional and personal skills which will enable them to undertake employments in their chosen fields thus contributing efficiently and effectively to the ongoing economic development in the Sultanate of Oman.This is our course "talk" page, which we'll use to discuss course readings.

For each reading, I'll make a new section with the title and author, as well as a prompt or question for your response. Writing can be a bit intimidating, until you know how to approach the topic and start your work. The writing process helps us focus, plan, and write our papers. The writing process is divided into five steps: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publication.

8 Definition of Proficiency Proficiency is defined as the knowledge, skills and attitudes/beliefs that enable people to work well with, correspond effectively, and be supportive of people in cross-cultural setting.1 Definition of Method is a programmed procedure that is defined as a part of a class and included in any object of that class.

Process writing and communicative-task-based instruction both assume productive tasks that prompt self-expression to motivate students and as the principal engine for developing L2 proficiency in the language classroom.

The Process-Genre Approach Badger and White () combined elements from the product, process and genre approaches to propose a combined model they termed a Process-Genre Approach to writing.

They define it in terms of a view of writing and a view of the development of writing. To enlighten the Department of English Language in the Shinas College of Technology of the extent to which the process genre approach and teacher developed materials are effective in improving students’ academic writing proficiency.

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