Coconut juice business plan

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Coconut juice business plan

To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video. For example, there was an apparent absence of stroke and heart disease on the island of Kativa.

What were they eating? Well, their diets centered around tubers, like sweet potatoes, with fruits, greens, nuts, corn, and beans. Yes, they ate fish a few times a week, but they were eating largely whole food plant-based diets. So, no wonder they may have had such low rates of artery disease, and one of those whole foods was coconut, not coconut oil.

Now, if you go to Pukapuka, they eat even more coconuts. What are their disease rates like? They did do some EKGs, which can sometimes pick up evidence of past heart attacks, and found few abnormalities, but the sample was too small to be a definitive study. Coconut oil proponents pointing to these studies is like the high-fructose corn syrup lobby pointing to studies of healthy populations who eat corn on the cob.

Or, the sugar industry pointing to studies on fruit consumption, and saying see, eat all the refined sugar you want. But, fruit has fiber—and so do coconuts. Just like adding psyllium fiber—Metamucil—to coconut oil can help blunt the adverse effects on cholesterol, fiber derived from defatted coconut itself can reduce cholesterol levels as much as oat bran.

And, the plant protein in coconut—also missing from the oil—may also help explain why whole coconut may not have the same effects on cholesterol. And no wonder, as coconut milk may acutely impair artery function—as badly as a sausage-and-egg McMuffin.

They tested three meals, three different meals: Most of coconut oil is the cholesterol-raising longer-chain saturated fats, lauric and myristic. Actually, coconut oil is mainly lauric and myristic, which have potent LDL bad cholesterol -raising effects.

Yeah, but it also has palmitic and myristic that, like lauric, does raise cholesterol. If you compare the effects of different saturated fats, yes, stearic has a neutral effect on LDL, but palmitic, myristic, and lauric shoot it up.Coconut water—salty, sweet, translucent—gets many health freaks amped up.

Electrolytes! Potassium!

coconut juice business plan

A natural hangover cure! But it . Hi Dave, cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus, which is a type of lipid-coated virus. Yes, the lauric acid in coconut oil will kill this virus.

Jun 15,  · Our Business is Coconut Water Business Plan which is the consumer Product. Coconut water has become an unexpectedly exciting business opportunity these days, but still need a coconut water business plan to create a profitable operation. A brand new study on young coconut juice (YCJ) also opens up the door to further research with regard to women’s health.

A group of Kuwaiti scientists recently examined a proposed estrogen-like effect of coconut water in several groups of “postmenopausal” rats (having no ovaries).

The Coconut Secret Story, a true family story. When the founders of Coconut Secret learned their parents were diabetic, they began with a heartfelt desire to create an organic, low glycemic, gluten-free product line for diabetics.

Made the this morning and what a treat! Yum! This was my first attempt at coconut flour pancakes, and I was a little nervous going in.

I made as written, only subbing 1/2 tsp of baking powder for the soda and cream of tartar as a previous comment suggested.

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